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Game Rules

  • 1. Botting is allowed on the server only in PvE. That means that the use of bots in PvP, Jobbing, Fortress War, Battle Arena, etc is forbidden. Using trade bots is not allowed. For example, using bots in Job Cave is only allowed against mobs, but when fighting other players, bots shall not be used.
  • 2. The use or promotion of cheat tools such as debug tools, cheat engine or any attempt to cheating is forbidden.
  • 3.Promoting or mentioning other servers is prohibited.
  • 4.Names that are offensive, racist or any names that our staff considers invalid are not allowed. This includes any names that are promoting other servers, illegal programs or impersonating staff members.
  • 5.Selling game accounts is not allowed.
  • 6.Selling items, gold, or Silk for real money is forbidden.
  • 7.Impersonating staff members is forbidden.
  • 8.Your account is your responsibility. Do not share your ID or password with anyone. The staff is not responsible for player mistakes, such as hacked accounts, buying the wrong item, getting scammed by other players, alchemy mistakes, etc.
  • 9.Handling any conflict between players about the game or any insults in chat is not the responsibility of the admins. The game has a chat blocking system that you can use to block spam or any unwanted messages.
  • 10.Violating the above rules or any other behavior that is considered inappropriate by Game Masters could lead to temporary or permanent ban.
  • 11.If you notice other players violating any rules, report them on discord or send an email to [email protected] with a screenshot or video attached as a proof along with a short description of the issue. Invalid reports or reports posted to other places will not be considered.


  • Jangan HeaveN


  • Capture the flag
  • Fortresswar
  • Register Saturday 12:00 - 23:00
  • Medusa

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